Total Solutions

EddySonix team offers complete solution to customers including consulting, feasibility analysis, custom-design and installation of test line, training courses, maintenance and continuous support. Our team is committed to delivering timely, high-quality solutions to customer needs, and is driven by professionalism, integrity, and reliability.

Consulting and Pilot Analysis

- Consulting the right NDT solution for the specific application
- Analysis of sample parts, FEM analysis, models to sort good parts
Installation in Production Line

- Install EddySonix system and integrate with production line
- Train the system with variety of parts in production
Custom Design System

- Custom design hardware and mechanical units, automation

- Laboratory test of larger number of parts, model lot-to-lot variations
Training Courses

Training courses: EddySonix software, test procedure, calibration, maintenance, and services
Continuous Support

- Upgrade, service, setup for other parts
- Technical consultation